I Am My Thoughts is designed to empower clients with the tools to discover the techniques of being the best that they can be in life.

Clients attend a one-day workshop, made up of no more than 12 people. The workshop covers the following topics:

Follow up one month after the course is available. This is a time to reflect on the decisions made and the progress gained in following your plan.


Ashley (23 year old, fully employed plus focused and successful body-builder) Western Australia

Hello Maggie,

First thing I would like to say. Thank you to you, for coming into my life and having, what I believe, will be a positive lasting impact, one that has taught me different ways of thinking and new tools to use to achieve goals, small as they maybe, they’ll get bigger!

Martin (25 year old)

I was part of Maggie's courses through PVS as I was unemployed. Through the courses that I attended, Maggie really helped to instil a much more positive attitude in me, something that I really didn't have at the time. I now have much greater belief in myself and am working a full time job that I really enjoy after doing a part time job just to get some skills and income. I also took my first flight ever this year, ticking off something that I wanted to do but was a bit hesitant to go for.

That might be the biggest thing I got out of Maggie and her courses, that being out of your comfort zone doesn't have to be a bad thing if you have a positive attitude and opportunities are always there if you actually look. I'm grateful for Maggie and her courses and would recommend them to anyone.

Good luck,

Kim Fawcett (Employment Coach, Western Australia)

Margaret has always given the very best of herself to our clients and has gone above and beyond the expectations of her role. Each client’s individual needs are ascertained and the course material tailored to address these needs. Margaret is a very caring person and attempts to develop a strong rapport with each student in order to assist them progress in life.

She displays endless energy in her classroom even when working with extremely reluctant students. It is quite clear her goal is not just to impart information, but to make a difference in peoples’ lives by helping them to see the relevance of the material presented and how it can benefit them.

She has dealt confidently with students of diverse backgrounds and ages, many of whom have issues with substance abuse, criminal history, low literacy skills, have grown up in dysfunctional families or suffer from depression and other mental health issues. Some of these have a very poor concept of appropriate behaviour and minimal work ethic. At all times she has remained professional in coping with these issues.

Her caring approach has encouraged shy students, lacking confidence to open up and participate and challenged the deep seated beliefs of others. Margaret has a rare ability to reach people on a deeper level and has on many occasions broken through barriers and effected positive change in the lives of her students.


Nathan (Retention Coach, Western Australia)

To whom it may concern,

I have known and worked with Margaret Clarke in my capacity as an Employment Services Coach with PVS Workfind over the last 16 months.

We work in an area of high unemployment and high Indigenous and Youth Unemployment.

Through our onsite training and assistance programs, Margaret worked alongside me at branch level to help our customers to realise their own potential and to assist them to overcome barriers to employment and to be able to face life’s challenges head on and with a positive attitude.

Margaret’s positive attitude and how she helped less fortunate people through her training and positive outlook on life and it’s challenges always amazed and inspired me, Margaret is an asset to anything she tackles, she helped put a positive outlook on many peoples’ lives and inspired us at Branch Level to “strive to make a difference”

Thank you Maggie

Kind regards,

Andrew (20 year old, casual contract, currently been trained as key holder) Western Australia.

I was unemployed for almost 18 months and had an attitude that needed a lot of work. But when Maggie started teaching classes at PVS I started to get a much more positive attitude and outlook. Thanks to Maggie's classes I was able to achieve my dream job.